The Secret To Aging Gracefully


Getting older is a given. Nobody can avoid it. But there are some people who age with Grace. These people don’t necessarily skate through life unscathed. That have their health challenges just like everybody else. But they don’t get stuck there and I think that’s the difference. So what is the secret to aging gracefully?


Bring Joy! Find A Purpose!

Seniors who are aging gracefully have learned a valuable lesson. These people have learned how to bring joy into their life. No matter what the situation. They found a way to stay joyful and happy. Having a purpose has made all of the difference.


 The Nursing Home Roommates


Have you heard the story of the two men in the nursing home.? The first man had a bed by the window. The second man was away from the window and couldn’t lift his head to see outside. He longed desperately for what he didn’t have. So, the man by the window told him every day, what he saw outside. He talked about the birds, And the trees blowing in the wind. He described sunrises and sunsets. Additionally, he even described people on the street walking by and children playing. He talked about little boys playing marbles.  And about liked girls jumping rope. He painted a vivid picture for his roommate to bring joy.


And It Felt “As If” He Was Right There


The men laughed as they remembered their own childhoods and the things that they did. And they both felt joy and peace.


The Time Has Come


One day The Man by the window passed away. And the other man immediately asked if could he have his bed. He wanted to be close to the window.  A new person might not describe in detail what was going on. And the old man wanted to continue to see the world.


A Brick Wall


But when he got there all he saw was a brick wall. The man was confused. Why would his friend make up such stories? There’s nothing but a brick wall. The nurse came in hearing that the man was terribly distraught. Your roommate was blind she told him. He couldn’t see a thing. But he knew how important it was for you. So, he made up these stories.


But the Blind Man Could See


Just not with his eyes. He saw With This Heart. And it brought him joy to bring someone else Joy. He could see more clearly than anyone.


Finding a way to bring joy to others will bring joy to your heart as well. It’s one of the best ways to age gracefully.


Struggling With Retirement


How do you handle it when your retirement has not been planned? A job layoff or a health condition may have caused your life to change quickly. For many people, this can be a real challenge. Staying positive and joyful may not seem possible.

John had a life-altering event at age 63. He had a stroke. It cost him his business. As a self- employed person his business failed when his health failed him. He had planned to work until 70 at least. He could have easily fallen into depression and given up. But he had a wife and children who counted on him. In fact, he still had a teenage son at home.

So, John picked up the pieces. And he spoke to his son about hard times that everyone goes through. He soon found part-time work that he and his wife could do together. His son got a job and life went on. And, he went out of his way to help others with encouragement.


Everyone Needs A Purpose


The blind man next to the window had a purpose. And that was in helping his roommate. By describing scenes that he visualized in his head he helped both himself and his roommate. Days became more enjoyable for both men.


How Can You Find A Purpose?


Opportunities abound in the Cypress and Tomball Texas area. There are many organizations that look for volunteers to help. A new one in the Cypress Texas area is the Living Legacy Center. Founded by Elizabeth Hilbun and Teresa Trull with The Hilbun Law Firm this organization is dedicated to helping people in the Cypress Texas area. With a focus on serving veterans and seniors, the organization has recently launched its Oasis Garden.


What do you enjoy doing? How can you give back and find your purpose?

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