Alternative Treatments for Pain Relief in People Over 60


As we age, we find new and often, different places that hurt. We also find ourselves with chronic pain, other diseases, and bodies that no longer work the same.

Due to other ailments and certain conditions, pain medication may not be the best option. Finding alternative methods of pain management is becoming more mainstream now.

There are plenty of safer and effective ways of managing pain. Let’s take a closer look at alternative pain relief.


Types of Pain

senior Pain Relief Alternatives

People over 60 years of age start to discover areas that hurt. These can be for a variety of reasons. We may find ourselves with a new pain in our shoulders, backs, and arms. Our hips may start to hurt and our legs may not work the same.

Arthritis is common among older people and causes pain in their joints. This can be knees, knuckles, wrists, and feet. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease and can cause pain, stiffness and swollen joints.

Other types of pain can stem from people slowing down in their activity. Less movement or exercise can mean stiffening joints. Lower back, neck, carpal tunnel and leg pain can all be present.


Alternative Pain Relief

Taking pain medication can cause problems for people, especially those with chronic pain. It can interfere with other medications and it can cause damage to the liver and other organs. Some pain medication can also become habit-forming. Thankfully, finding alternatives is more popular than ever.



senior pain relief


This method of treating all types of illnesses goes back for centuries. It may seem bizarre but it has proven to be effective for anything from headaches to hysteria. In fact, most people report that this is one of the most relaxing treatments they have ever experienced. In Houston, a lot of people find relief from seasonal allergies with acupuncture.


Senior Pain relief

No one expects you to run a marathon, but regular exercise will help ease your pain. Walking, yoga, bike riding, team sports, and swimming are ideal for getting you moving.

Increasing the blood flow, exercise also releases endorphins which are natural pain relievers in our body. Plus, moving will make your muscles more pliable and ease the strain you may be experiencing.



senior pain relief with massageAllowing yourself to just relax and let go is a luxury. Having a massage can give you that release while someone works your tired muscles. It works on the pain you feel in your body but releases the mind and the tension in your body.


A quiet room with low lights and pleasant aromas can work wonders for your aches and pains. You feel great for a long time afterward. It stimulates muscles that may not be used much any longer.


Reiki is another type of treatment meant for energy healing. The hands are just above or lightly placed on the body. The healing energy moves from the palms of the practitioner to the patient. The idea to help the body find that balance again. This will allow the healing process to take place.


meditation for senior pain relief

Meditation is really a form of relaxation. It can allow you to let go of everything and just float. Clearing your mind and just letting your body sink into the floor can have a great effect on pain.


Marijuana or its non-psychoactive by-products, such as CBD oils are making headway. More and more places are legalizing marijuana and people are using it to treat all sorts of ailments.

Pain is one area people are using CBD oils. Taken can be orally or used as a topical and applied directly to the pain. This is another natural pain reliever that has been used for centuries.

There are also other marijuana products you can use, such as edibles and sprays. These will vary depending on where you live. These have been used for nausea during chemo to chronic migraines or back pain.


senior pain relief with diet

What you are eating can have a major effect on your pain. Some foods can cause inflammation and irritate certain problem areas you may be trying to ease.

Any foods that have antioxidants will help. These include


  • Blueberries
  • Dark chocolate
  • Kale
  • Artichokes
  • Strawberries


Also, include high protein foods that are low in fat. Whole grains like wheat germ and oatmeal. Soybeans are high in protein and can slow inflammation. Turmeric, cold-water fish, Vitamin D, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

It’s important to eat a balanced diet and avoid highly processed foods. Avoid sugars and sodium. You want natural foods that will pass through the body and not leave a lot of fat and chemicals behind.


Find Your Alternative

Music therapy, art, and gardening can also bring a lot of joy and keep you active. Finding your own way through the pain may take some trial and error. You could try several different methods and find what works best for you.


Always check with your healthcare provider before trying anything new. There are more and more alternatives for pain relief every day. Try a few and maybe you can combine a few different methods to manage all your pain. It can’t hurt.

Getting your affairs in order can also reduce stress. This, in turn, may turn off some of your pain.

Talk to Elizabeth Hilbun and her team about your wills and other documents you may need.










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