Are You Proud To Be A Texan?


Whether you were born in the Lone Star State or you “got here as fast as you could” 😊, being a Texan instills a sense of pride you will not find anywhere else.

February 1st has been designated National Texas Day. And for Texans, every day should be celebrated. The Lone Star State was the 28th state to join the union. But it is their dramatic revolution and fight for independence that has kept Texas history alive.

Children growing up in Texas are very familiar with names from long ago.  Texas heroes like James Bowie, Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, and Juan Seguin are well known. Likewise, stories of the ruthless dictator Santa Anna are well documented.

If you have never toured the Alamo in San Antonio you will want to add it to your “places to visit soon” list. While this is a popular tourist attraction for those in the Houston area there is another that you must visit. The San Jacinto Monument is a mere 20 minutes from downtown Houston.

15 Feet Taller Than the Washington Monument

“In future time, then may the pilgrim’s eye see here an obelisk point toward the sky….”
— Anonymous poet

The above prediction was penned in the poem: “Ode to San Jacinto”, even before the Republic of Texas became the State of Texas.  Visitors can tour the monument that honors all those who fought for Texas’s independence.  At 570 feet, it is one of the finest examples of Moderne (Art Deco) architecture in the United States. The monument has been recognized as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

View the San Jacinto Battleground Where Texas Gained Independence From Mexico

It is here that Sam Houston led the troops on Santa Anna’s army. Over 600 Mexican soldiers were killed while more than 700 were allowed to surrender. Only nine Texians were killed or mortally wounded.

Geography as Diverse as The People Who Live Here

Texas is the largest state in the continental US. It is 2nd only to Alaska. Texas is 790 miles long and 660 miles wide at its most distant points.  But the diversity of the geography sets it apart. From the Gulf Coast to the Hill Country to the Plains to the deserts. The state has ten climatic regions and 11 different ecological regions.

Whether you are looking for beaches, lakes, rivers or deserts or even mountains you can find it in Texas. Yes, even mountains. 😊 There is not a lot and you will not find heavily forested mountains like in Colorado but the Guadalupe Mountains boast a height of 8749 feet. And they have a beauty all their own.

New To Texas- It May Be Smart To Write a New Will

While your out of state will, may indeed be valid in Texas, you may want to consider a new will. Why? Texas may offer a few “extras” that your will doesn’t have. First, Texas offers Independent Probate. However, if the right language is not in your will the Court may not allow you to proceed independently. Secondly, your Will may not have the Texas form of a ‘Self-Proving Affidavit’. This could cause a host of headaches for your family when you are gone.

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